Asset registration: We guide our clients in registering their market assets, as well as in modifying their asset registration. We ensure that our clients fully understand and comply with Mexican regulatory requirements, in order to avoid delays and obstacles to operation in the wholesale electricity market.

Front Office

Market bid analysis: we evaluate the market conditions and propose offers to minimize risks and maximize the value of the assets we represent.


Formatting, sending, and verification of offers: we submit energy bids for Day-Ahead and Real-Time markets, in accordance with CENACE requirements, and verify that all offers are correctly received by CENACE.


Relaying and Log-Keeping of CENACE dispatch and curtailment instructions: we serve as the primary contact between the power plants and CENACE for power dispatch and scheduling.


24/7 Desk: we perform real time monitoring of our clients’ assets and on the electricity market, and we react immediately to any situation.

Middle Office

Risks Analysis and Control: we evaluate the expected value of our clients’ positions, as well as the value at risk. We recommend strategies and specific actions to take, in order to maintain our clients’ exposure within defined limits.


Credit analysis and strategy: we verify that CENACE’s calculations for credit requirements are correct, and we also identify any available action to reduce such requirements.

Back Office

Validation of Settlements in the Wholesale Electricity Market: by applying the formulas contained in the Market Rules, we make “shadow” calculations and verify that the products and amounts included in market billing statements are consistent with the underlying data, applying the corresponding market rules correctly.


Settlements dispute management: if we find mistakes in market billing statements, we take the necessary steps with CENACE to have them corrected, ensuring our clients receive correct settlements.

Price Forecasting

Price forecasting for short term strategies: with a seven-day model, we forecast prices of energy and ancillary services in the short-term market, to optimize offer and trading strategies.


Price forecasting for transactions and investments: with a 20-year model, we forecast the growth of the National Electric System as well as the medium- and long-term prices of energy and ancillary services.


Price forecasting for Capacity and Clean Energy Certificates: based on the long-term model, we forecast prices and available quantities of the other products included in the Wholesale Electricity Market.

Market Strategy Consulting

Product Trading Strategies: we analyze our clients’ options to sell their products and develop customized strategies to maximize income and reduce risks.


Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation Strategies: we provide our clients with risk reporting and analysis of actions to reduce their exposure.


Negotiation of Bilateral Contracts: we maximize the value of our clients’ bilateral contracts. We help our clients to “increase the size of the pie” by developing creative solutions that let each party fulfill its most important requirements.